Sri. K Anand

It gives me great pleasure to communicate with you all and share my thoughts on the future development, academic growth, research work and student welfare that Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology (ASIET) is planning to implement in the near future. Our academic plans are designed in accordance with the New Education Policy of India, which marks a new era in the country's education sector and presents numerous opportunities for institutions like ours to shape the future of engineering education in India.

One of the key objectives of that we follow at ASIET is to make education more inclusive, equitable and accessible to all. Our college is committed to this goal and we plan to offer various scholarships, fee waivers, and other financial aid programs to help students from underprivileged backgrounds pursue their dreams of obtaining an engineering degree.

Another aspect of emphasis at ASIET is on research-based education. Our college plans to invest heavily in research and development activities, with a focus on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Renewable Energy. We will be establishing research centres, incubation centres (we already have an award winning TBI) and collaboration with industry partners to provide students with hands-on experience and a real-world understanding of these technologies.

To ensure the academic growth of our students, we will be introducing new and updated curriculum plans that accommodate add-on courses that are aligned with the latest industry trends and demands. Our faculty are provided with training and resources to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields, and we get guest speakers and resource-persons from leading companies and institutions to share their expertise with our students.

Student welfare is also a top priority for our college. We understand that students face various challenges, both academically and personally, and we support them in every way we can—through student counselling, health and wellness programs, and extracurricular activities that offer possibilities of holistic development.

ASIET leads the way in shaping the future of engineering education in Kerala. We are committed to making the most of this opportunity and to providing our students with the best possible education experience. We look forward to working together with our students, parents, faculty, and staff to make this vision a reality.