Internal Examination Committee

Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology (ASIET) follow the open and continuous internal evaluation system prescribed by the university. This document provides information on the redressal policy related to any sort of grievances raised by the students in connection with the internal examinations conducted at ASIET.

ASIET is committed to provide unbiased and transparent educational facilities to all its students. As a part of it, the internal examination conducted by the institution is fair and unprejudiced. Students are given ample chances to raise any grievance related to the conduct of internal examinations and the evaluation of answer scripts.

Objectives and Functions

  • Establishing procedures and guidelines for assessing and evaluating examination results.

  • Scheduling and monitoring the quality of internal examinations conducted at the institute level.

  • Safeguarding the integrity and quality of the examination procedures.

  • Moderating the question papers for examinations.

  • Taking appropriate actions against any instances of misconduct during examinations.

  • Ensure a bias free environment for all the internal evaluations.