Adi Shankara Digital Academy is an of its kind, standalone, Virtual Institute. We bring knowledge to aspirants of knowledge. state-of-the-art digital courses and courses that provide a twist of the unusual. Focusing on unique and exciting content our amazing pool of faculty offer programs that are futuristic with a pinch of the traditional.

About ASDA
Adi Shankara Digital Academy (ASDA)  is the outcome of a tradition whose vision is empowerment through education. With our ASDA Learning App, we envision reaching out to students and graduates and upskilling them for better job opportunities as well as empowering them with traditional concepts. 
ASDA was launched by the Honourable Vice President of India Shri. Venkiah M. Naidu in 2021.  Run by Adi Sankara Trust, Kalady runs under Sringeri Mutt, established by  Adi Shankara who is considered the Preceptor of the World and the greatest philosopher the world has ever seen. We follow in his footsteps to bring to the common man affordable education that can help them steam ahead in life.

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