Industry Institute Partnership Cell ( IIPC)

Interaction between Institutions and Industries is the need of the hour. Students get an exposure on actual industrial environment and a chance to understand their work culture. Subsequently, students acquires knowledge about their career and helps them to prepare for placement in various disciplines.

On the other hand, industries are also facing stringent competitions and are in need of students who are aware of industry standards and capable of achieving the same. This calls for an urgent need for interaction of industries and academics. The industries can participate with institutes in moulding the students for industry ready by providing training. To materialize this, bridging the gap between industry and the institute is a must and for this, an Industry Institute Partnership Cell was constituted in February 2018 at ASIET.

The Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIP Cell) ASIET provides a platform to the Institute and the industries. The aim of this platform is to join the hands considering all the Stakeholders such as; Institutions, Industry, Students and Society stand to gain as it can be a win-win partnership.

The continuous outcome of this partnership in terms of all the Stakeholders benefits is: Students and faculty members to be aware of industry expectations of skill sets required for the students. The students understand the lacunae in their skills and provide an opportunity to upgrade them by gaining the knowledge, hands-on training, beyond their regular curriculum. It also enables faculty to meet the global challenges, industry expectations and to nurture the students through effective teaching learning processes. The industry gets assistance of dynamic student force as well as guidance of expert faculties in R&D and for solving their complex problems. The Industry stands to gain the skilled manpower as per its requirement.

  • To earmark the students for future employment during their internship period itself and providing them the proper skill sets by which, students will be industry ready from the day one of their career.

  • Industry can plan and build their future work force by providing suitable training and inculcating proper skill sets to the students

  • Institute assists in upgrading qualification of the industry people, under continuing education in part-time or distance education mode.

  • Industry experts can hone their knowledge and skills by actively participating in delivering the lectures and seminars for both faculty members and students.

  • Use of specialized database/lab equipment of the institute.

  • Institute can cater the tailor made short term training programs for shop floor personnel’s through continuing education program.

  • Involvement of industrial experts in the committees like Board of Studies, Academic Councils, etc.

  • Associating with the Institutes and active participation in the developmental activity, portrays the social responsibility of the Industry.

Institute Expectation from Industry

  • Use of industrial labs under proper guidance by the Institute

  • Research fellowship support and guidance from industry

  • Industrial training and projects for both faculty members and students

  • Assistance in obtaining the sponsored research project from various funding agencies

  • Scope for consultancy work for the faculty members with their expertise

  • Involving both faculty members and students in R & D activities

  • Campus drive and employment to the students

  • To enroll faculty members to assist in designing the contents for training the employees.

  • Scholarship instituted by industries for students.

Joint Benefits

  • Joint research publications

  • Joint patents

  • Industry Institute personal’s exchange program

  • Collaborative educational programs

  • To create new ideas and applications for product development

  • Curriculum development

  • Joint funded projects

The IIP Cell has been reconstituted recently in June 2019 incorporating faculty-in-Charge, one faculty member from each department, dean projects and Principal to guide and advise for the smooth functioning of the cell.




Dr. M S Murali


Chairperson, Guide and Advise

Prof. Rajaram

Dean Projects 

Secretary, Over all  Planning and Coordination

Dr. Ajay Kumar

HOD, Dept. of ECE


Mr. Prasanth P Menon

Assistant Professor

 IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of Electronic and Communication Engineering

Mr. Sreehari

Assistant Professor

IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Ms. Abin Joy

Assistant Professor

IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Mr. Majo Davis

Assistant Professor

IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Joseph George

Assistant Professor

IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Mrs. T Sobha 

Associate Professor

IIPC Coordinator,Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Mr. Nimal C N

Assistant Professor

IIPC Coordinator, Dept. of MBA


In line with the stated aim and objectives, the institute has decided to join the hands with Industry. The partnership would build up for mutual benefits when a strategic relationship is developed among the two parties. The ultimate aim of this partnership will be the creation of confidence in industry by the institute which would result industries involving voluntarily the institute at various stages of its development.

The development of such strategic relationship, following thrust areas have been identified which require immediate attention for most of the areas and action over the period of time to few critical areas:

  • Enhancing Teaching Learning Process

  • Exchange of Experts between the Institute and Industry

  • Involvement of Teaching Staff in Industry

  • Institute to gain Confidence of Industry

  • Institute as a Consultant in R&D

  • Technological Database

  • Continuing Education Program

  • Establishment of Linkages

  • Institute’s Self-Reliance in Finances