Faculty Professional Enrichment Cell

Faculty Professional Enrichment Cell

The Faculty Profession Enrichment Cell (FPEC) at ASIET is dedicated to the professional development of faculty members, offering a comprehensive orientation program for newly joined faculty to familiarize them with the college's culture, practices, and administrative procedures. The FPEC organizes workshops, seminars, and training sessions focused on enhancing teaching and learning strategies, exploring effective assessment techniques, and harnessing educational technology tools. Additionally, stress management sessions are incorporated to support faculty members in maintaining optimal mental and emotional well-being. A department-wise training approach, facilitated by department coordinators, ensures that training is relevant and tailored to the specific needs of each department, covering topics such as discipline-specific teaching methods, research skills, and professional development. Furthermore, mentoring and coaching services are provided to support faculty members in their professional journey, promoting continuous growth through career planning, networking opportunities, and skill enhancement.

Members of Faculty Professional Enrichment Cell

1 Dr. Sivaprasad P V, ME Convenor
2 Ms. Akhila K, EEE Convenor
3 Ms. Aswathy N, ECE Convenor
4 Ms. Raghi R Menon, CSE Member
5 Mr. Nikhil Narayanan, CSE Member
6 Dr. Sreena Sreekumar, EEE Member
7 Ms. Ashna Mohan, EEE Member
8 Dr. Neema M, ECE Member
9 Ms. Reshma Laxman, ECE Member
10 Mr. Abin Joy, CE Member
11 Ms. Harshananda T N, CE Member
12 Ms. Anju Mary Joseph, RA Member
13 Mr. Eldho Mathew, ME Member
14 Dr. Rahul S Arackal, ME Member
15 Ms. Nimmy Vijayan, EBE Member
16 Ms. Pravitha K Nair, BSH Member

FPEC Policy

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