Literary Club

Literary Club

The main aim of the Club is to develop the interest of students in the area of reading and writing. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature and increase their own literary skills. The Literary Club aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instil in them a confidence to speak well. It is a club made for   people who love literature, and want to share their experiences, readings and thoughts with others who have the same interest and talent.

Activities of the Club

  • To organise literary activities like storytelling, poetry reading and book review

  • To organise literary festivals

  • To conduct poetry writing, story writing, elocution, debates and other competitions

  • To organise public speaking workshops and periodic talks on different talks and themes by members

  • To liaison with and participate in similar activities of other clubs both inside the college and outside.

Members of Literary Club

1  Suja C K, BSH Coordinatoe
2 Anitha P, EEE Member
3 Dr. Lakshmi M Hari, EBE Member
4 Reema Pius, CE Member
5 Dr. Nithin Raj A, ME Member
6 Dr. Athira M, RA Member
7 Rosemary Varghese, CSE Member
8 Sidharth S Nair, MBA Member