Mathematics Club

Mathematics Club

The Mathematics Club at ASIET is a vibrant and dynamic community for students passionate about mathematics. Our club is dedicated to fostering a love for mathematics and providing a platform for students to explore, discuss, and engage with various mathematical concepts beyond the classroom.


To motivate and engage students in the subject by providing opportunities for informal and enjoyable mathematical activities


The objective of the Maths Club is to provide a platform for students to engage in mathematical activities, to enhance their problem-solving skills, and to develop their interest in mathematics.

The club aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for students to explore mathematics beyond the classroom.

  • To enhance students' problem-solving skills through interactive sessions.

  • To organize workshops, guest lectures, and quizzes to promote mathematical thinking and reasoning.

  • To provide a platform for students to participate in mathematical competitions and Olympiads.

Members of Mathematics Club

1 Sajitha Saseendran, BSH Coordinator
2 Savithry K S, BSH Cordinator
3 Joeann Stephen, S3 EBE President
4 Arnav S Nair, S1 ECE Secretary
5 Govind Pai, S3 ECE Member
6 Archa Ajayakumar, S3 ECE Member
7 Anjali Nair, S3 ECE Member
8 Lakshmi Nandana, S3 CSE Member
9 Vaibhav, S1 EEE Member
10 Aravind, S1 ECE Member
11 Sreenesh S Pai, S1 ECE Member
12 Devika M S, S3 ECE Member
13 Krishnaveni, S3 CSE Member
14 Sajin Sojan, S3 CSE Member

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