Quiz Club

Quiz Club

A Quiz Club is a society established in educational institutions or communities dedicated to the promotion of quiz activities. The clubs serve as platforms for individuals interested in expanding their knowledge across various subjects.

The primary objective of a Quiz Club is to foster a spirit of curiosity, learning, and healthy competition among its members. Participating in a Quiz Club offers numerous benefits. It encourages critical thinking, enhances general knowledge, improves memory retention, and sharpens communication skills. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for individuals with diverse interests and expertise to come together, share insights, and learn from one another.

Beyond the intellectual aspect, Quiz Clubs also contribute teamwork, fostering friendships and networking opportunities.Overall, Quiz Clubs play a significant role in promoting lifelong learning, intellectual engagement, and social interaction within educational institutions and communities.

Members of Quiz Club

1 Anna Baby, EEE Cordinator
2 Sidharth S Nair, MBA Member
3 Anju Mary Joseph, RA Member
4 Anju George, ECE Member
5 Gayathri Dili, CSE AI Member
6 Remya Raveendran, CSE AI Member
7 Anna Varghese, CE Member
8 Rahul S Arackal, ME Member
9 Winnie Ann Thomas Member

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