Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM)

The Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM) whose vision is “world where  the entire spectrum of human activities exist in harmony with a clean and green earth by integrating  energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources into these activities”. It is the national  professional body of certified energy managers and auditors in India, formed in the year 2005 as a  non-governmental and a not-for-profit organization registered under the Charitable Societies’ Act.  

The basic objective of SEEM is to provide energy conservation and knowledge-based  energy efficiency services to all sectors of the economy and provides a network between business,  government, academia and utilities for information exchange, capacity building and leadership  development. Currently SEEM member community cuts across all the sectors of economy and  consist of professionals in the field with diverse experience and expertise. 

SEEM student chapter was inaugurated at ASIET, Kalady on 25/04/2017 as part of the  industry interaction initiatives from the department of EEE. Student chapter mainly focused on  Energy conservation and Management Awareness Programmes. Energy experts regularly arrange  workshops for Energy auditing for students. For the benefit of our students, the chapter arranges 

visit to Science Congress Exhibitions and Renewable Energy Expos. SEEM supports the  participation of our students in energy audit competitions. Student members get opportunities for  short-term internship at SEEM’S projects and activities. The Chapter actively organizes online  webinars, technical sessions in sustainable energy development. Renewable energy training  sessions are also conducted, which enable students to enter in to industry and related research  areas. Based on the activities conducted in 2018, the student chapter got National  level ‘Silver Award’ in the Facility category. Our students won prizes in the National Energy  Auditing Competition for the year 2017 and 2018.

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