Goutham D
Assistant Professor
Goutham D
  • Email : goutham19921[@]gmail[.]com
  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Mobile No : 0484-2463825
  • Date Of joining : 16-09-2019

Assistant Professor 

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Qualification Details
Branch           Institution  University  Year
Btech - Mechanical Engineering Amrita College of Engineering, Kollam Amrita  2011- 2015
Mtech - Manufacturing Systems Management Thejus Engineering College, Vellarkad , Thrissur APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University 2015 -2017



Worked  as a Test Engineer in MED (Materials Engineering Department) under Metal Testing Team for Material
analysis at Ashok Leyland ,Vellivoyalchavadi Chennai from 25/11/2017 to 13/08/2019 ( 1 year and 9 Months)


  • Check the test status which material is assigned.
  • Check the test request for the material that is assigned to me.
  • Check the drawing specification data of the material detail that is assigned . If there is any queries in drawing, call the test requester for the assigned material from the test request.
  • Start testing the material and hand over the tested report data of the material to the head engineer for the approval.
  • After getting approval from the head engineer, release the report through GVPP.


Publications Details

Journal Publications

1.Published a paper entitled "Simulation of Valve Train System of a Six Cylinder Internal combustion Engine Using Mathematical Modelling in MATLAB"  in International Journal for Research in Applied science and Engineering Technology, Volume 8, Issue XII, December 2020. Paper ID: IJRASET32474.

2.Published a paper entitled "Emission Test Analysis of Aqua Silencer" in International Journal for Research in Applied science and Engineering Technology, Volume 8, Issue X, October 2020. Paper ID: IJRASET31846.


Projects Undertaken
  • Done Engineering project on Analyzing the Strength and Weakness of safety in an industry at Ashok LeylandTechnical Centre, Chennai. It is mainly survey based analysis where Questionnaire was prepared which wasdistributed into 11 department in company .The Purpose of this study is to analyze the strength and weakness ofsafety in an industry by using IBM SPSS SPSS SOFTWARE STATISTICS VERSION 23.Using this softwareregression analysis is been checked. From the regression analysis,hypothesis statement were found out,also thereliability of the questionnaire is been analyzed. From the hypothesis statement analysis some of the safetysuggestions was also made.
  • Done a Mini Project on Installation of Solar energy power plant in Thejus Engineering College Vellarkkard, Thrissur.The main focus to reduce the overall electricity bill coming to the college. It is a renewable source of energy that isavailable every day.
Short Term Courses Attended


  1. Faculty Development Programme on "Fluid mechanics and Systems" organised by Department of Mechanical Engineering, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology in association with ASME from 3rd to 7th of August 2020
  2. Faculty Development Programme on " Renewable Energy sources : Conversions, Storage & Applications organized by Department of Mechnanical Engineering Department, Jyothi Engineering College, Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur from 06th Januvary 2020 to 10th Januvary 2020.