Assistant Professor (PhD Doing)
Areas of Interest : POWER SYSTEMS
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  • Designation : Assistant Professor (PhD Doing)
  • Mobile No : 9847311543
  • Date Of joining : 24-04-2006

Mrs.Anna want to be a part of a team that works dynamically towards the growth of the organization.She had 15 years of teaching experience which includes experience of teaching in CUSAT and CUCEK.

Qualification Details
  1. Mtech in Power Systems in 2012
  2. BTech in Electrical & Electronics in 2005 from ASIET
  • 2006-2020-till date – Assistant Professor, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kalady.
  • 2005-2006 – Guest lecturer, EEE department, CUSAT, Kalamassery & CUCEK, Pulinkunnu.
Publications Details

1. Published a Paper on “Comparison of Power factor correction controllers for CRM Boost Converters” in Third International conference on Intelligent Computing and Control systems(ICICCS,2019).

2. Published a Paper on “Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles with modified Power Factor Corrected Bridgeless Converter” in Second International conference on Intelligent Computing,Instrumentation and Control Technologies,2019

3. Published paper in GRD Journal -Paper titled PHEV battery Charger using a New Bi-Directional Converter Structure in March 2019

4.Published a paper in GRD Journal - Paper titled Multipurpose Electronic Wheel chair for Indoor Navigation in March 2019

5.Published an IEEE paper titled Comparison of Power factor Correction Controllers for  CRM Boost converters in April 2019

6.Published a paper titled Smart Monitoring and Power factor Correction of Distribution Transformer using IoT in March 2018 in ERTEE'18

7.Published a paper  titled Advancements in Wide Area  Protection Monitoring and Fault detection using PMU in International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical,Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in 2015

8.Published a paper titled Transient stability assessment and enhancement in power system in International Journal of Modern engineering Research in 2014

9.Published a paper titled Direct AC to AC Converter Based Voltage Sag Compensator for SLG Fault with balanced load condition in Bonfring in 2014

10. Published a paper titled Analysis of Voltage Collapse in the Largest Grid Substation in Kerala in 2013

11. Published a paper titled Analysis of Voltage collapse in the Kerala Power Grids using SVC, UPFC & SSSC in 2013 in IEEE

12.Published a paper titled Analysis of Voltage Collapse in the Kerala Power Grids in 2013 in IEEE



Projects Undertaken

Filed a Patent for the project on “Terminal Voltage Rating Identification System for AC Transformer/Motor” on 24th October 2020

Got Best Paper Award for the paper guided (Advancements in Wide Area Protection monitoring and Fault detection using PMU)in MTech in a National Conference on Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronics Engineering(March 2015)

Got 100% pass for High Voltage Engineering


Short Term Courses Attended


                                                  NPTEL CERTIFICATIONS

Serial No




ELITE certification for NPTEL course on “Advances in UHV Transmission and Distribution”

September-November 2020.


TOP PERFORMING MENTOR CERTIFICATE for the NPTEL Course on Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators

July-Oct 2018.


ELITE certification for   NPTEL course on “Teaching and learning in General Programs”

Jul-Aug 2019


ELITE certification for NPTEL course on “Teaching and Learning in Engineering”

Feb-March 2019

5 NPTEL Course on Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators

Aug-Sep 2018

                                                 FDP'S ATTENDED

Serial No

Program Attended



1 STTP on “Emerging Trends in Power Systems” Division of Electrical Engineering,SOE, CUSAT 14-18 September 2020
2 FDP on “Research Initiatives in Renewable Energy Systems” MITS 21st - 25th July 2020
3 National Workshop on “Perspectives and Challenges in Outcome Based Research” organized NIT,Tiruchirappalli July 13th – 17th 2020

Participated in one week FDP on “Current Affairs and Scope in Renewable Energy” 

Department of Electrical &Electronics,Chennai Institute of Technology 29th June-3rd July,2020.
5 Participated in STTP on “Advanced Power System Simulation Softwares” Department of Electrical &Electronics,SSN College of Engineering,Chennai  June 25-27,2020.
6 Participated in a workshop on “Patent drafting and Processing with importance of Trademark and Copyright” Journal of Advanced Engineering Research 

8th and 9th May,2020.

7 Attended National Level Five Day Online FDP on “Real Time Applications of Power Electronics-Research Scope and Challenges” Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering” Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering &Technology,Kalady,Kerala 27th July 2020 to 31st July 2020
8 Attended Online FDP on “Evolutionary Optimization Techniques” Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineeering,SSN College of Engineering,Chennai June 15-17,2020
9 Attended AICTE FDP on “Blockchain”

Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering &Technology,Kalady.

09-12-2019 to 13-12-19
10 Attended Three days FDP on “Role of IoT in Smart Grid” Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,FISAT 2nd to 4th July,2019
11 Workshop on “Innovations and Challenges in Microgrid” Department of Electrical &Electronics,ASIET,Kalady 14th to 18th Jan 2019.
12 Attended three days FDP on “ Distributed Generation and Smart Grids” Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,MITS 23rd to 25th July,2018
13 Attended NPTI Training-One Day National Workshop on “Cyber Security Awareness program for Power System Operations” NPTI 18-07-2018
14 Attended FDP in “Emerging Trends in Nanoscience& Nanotechnology” Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,ASIET,Kalady 17th to 21st April,2018
15 Attended Workshop on COMSOL for Effective Teaching & Research  Department of Electronics,CUSAT May 15,2018


Workshop on Sustainable Engineering

ASIET, Kalady



Workshop on Energy Conservation Management & Challenges in Deregulated System-Present Scenario

ASIET, Kalady



Workshop on Labview for Engineers and Researchers

Mar Athanasius College of Engg,Kothamangalam



National Workshop on Energy Conservation & Management-Opportunities,Challenges & Policies

Mar Athanasius College of Engg,Kothamangalam



ISTE Approved Short term training Programme, A Novel Approach to Control System & Its Applications

Adi Shankara Institute of Engg & Technology, Kalady



Staff Development Programme-Enrichment of Effective Teaching Skills(Sponsored by AICTE)

Vishwa Jyothi College of Engg & Technology, Vazhakulam



Workshop on Innovative Approaches in Power Electronics, Drives & Control

Rajagiri School of Engg & Technology, Kakkanad