Dr. Ajay Kumar
Associate Professor
Dr. Ajay Kumar
Areas of Interest : IoT, Wireless Networks
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  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Mobile No : 9846900310
  • Date Of joining : 05-01-2011

Rendering my services to the best of my abilities and utilizing every opportunity to contribute growth and excel with the organization.

Qualification Details
Ph.D APJ AKTU 2021



Associate Professor at Adi Shankara Institute of Engg &Tech from 01 Jan 2021 to Till Date

Assistant Professor at Adi Shankara Institute of Engg &Tech from 05 Jan 2011 to Dec 2020

Software Engineer at NBITON SOLUTIONS, Bangalore

Publications Details

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1. Patent Application no: 201941053048; Patent Agency: INDIA Patent Office; Status: Patent   Published in December 2019. The Patent Office Journal No. 52/2019

      Title: “IoT Enabled Urban Environmental Monitoring With Wireless Sensor Network”

         Applicants/Inventors: Dr N Hariharan, Dr.Ragesh G K, Dr. Bipin P R and Prof. Ajay Kumar.

  2. Patent Application no: 202041017340 ; Patent Agency: INDIA Patent Office; Status: Patent Filed in April   22, 2020.

Title: “ Design and Development of IoT Assisted Plant Health monitoring “

Applicants/Inventors: Prof. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Ragesh G K, Dr. N. Hariharan, Prof. Albins Paul, Ms. Krishna Balachandran,Ms. K Sri Vaishnavi, Ms. Karthika Vijayan, Ms. Likhitha K S.


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Projects Undertaken
  • IoT Based Smart Environmental Monitoring and Controlling System , by CERD-RSM (2021-2023), INR 50,000/-

  • IoT based Plant monitoring system by the Institution of Engineers(INDIA),(2019-2020),INR 15000/-

  • HAUY-A Braille Assist Funded by CERD-KTU ,(2018-2019 ),INR 23500/-

  • AUTOMATIC SPEED CONTROL Funded by Institution of Engineers(INDIA)(2016-2017),INR 35000/-

Short Term Courses Attended

Participated in 5 days FDP on AI &ML conducted by KMCT College for women  from 28.02.2022-05.03.2022

Participated & completed successfully AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "Internet on Things and its Application" from 04/10/2021 to 08/10/2021 at Gujarat Technological University - Graduate School of Engineering and Technology

Participated & completed successfully AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "6G Wireless Communication " from 20/12/2021 to 24/12/2021 at Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad.

Undergone Innovation Ambassador training (Foundation Level) conducted by MoE's Innovation Cell & AICTE during the period from 30th June - 30th July 2021 in online mode.

Attended a Faculty Development Program(FDP)on "Outcome Based Education and Accreditation for Engineering Colleges on 11th Sep,2020 at Raisoni Institute of Engg&Tech,Nagpur
Attended a Short Term Training Program (STTP)on "Trends and Technologies in Antenna Design and its research Scopes" From 10- 08-2020-16-08-2020 at ToCH
Institute of Engg & Tech.

Participated & completed successfully AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online FDP on "Internet of Things (IoT)" from 2020-8-24 to 2020-8-28 at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology.

Attended AICTE Sponsored Short Term Training Programme(STTP) on “Trends and Technologies in Antenna Design and its Research Scopes”, organized by Department of Electronics, Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Ernakulam from 10-08-2020 to 16-08-2020.

Attended FDP on Industry 4.0-Technological Advances and Implications,17 th -21 June 2019

 Attended Short term course on “Free and Open Source Geospatial Technologies(FOSS4G) for Natural Resource Management,27th -31 May 2019, IISc Bangalore.

Attended FDP on” Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning” 14th -19th Dec 2018, ASIET

 TEQIP II Sponsored Research Colloquium on “Nano Technology, Materials, Devices and Medicine”,24th March ,2017 at College of Engineering, Cherthala. 

Attended TEQIP-II Sponsored FDP on Advances in Wireless Communication and Networking(AWCN),11-15th July 2016 at NIT Calicut.

Attended FDP on "Soft Skills" AT GEC THRISSUR,15-17 DEC 2014.  Attended International Conference “CUTECMIA-2014” 6TH TO 9TH AUG 2014,at ASIET.

Attended FDP on “Applied Mathematics”16th - 20th JUNE 2014 at ASIET.

Attended workshop on “Artificial Intelligence & Robotics” 22ND APRIL at TCS, Kochi(2014).

Attended workshop on “ Matlab & Simulink” at 23RD -24TH NOV ,CAPE,Thalasserry,2012.