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Syam Sundar B
Syam Sundar B
Lab Instructor


Qualification details


Degree University      year
ITES Indian Technical Education Society ,Mumbai     1999


  1.      Attended 2 day workshop on ''PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD DESIGN &FABRICATION PROCESS'' 13th Dec to 14th Dec(2013),ASIET,Kalady
  2.      Attended one day workshop on ''ROLE OF PLC IN INDUSTRIES'' 28th November (2014) ASIET, Kalady
  3.      Attended 5 day workshop on PCB Designing on  14 th January 2015 ,Ragagiri School Of Engineering and Technology
  4.      Attended one day workshop on ''OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH &SAFETY'' on 13th Jan 2018,ASIET,Kalady 
  5.      Attended Two day workshop on 'Recend trends in VLSI ,Communication and Networks on  4th to 5th  May 2018
  6.     Attended Three day workshop on ''BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS & EFFECTIVE INTERNET USE'' 26th to 28th June 2018 ASIET,Kalady
  7.     Attended Three day workshop on ''Fundamentals of Embedded systems with hands on training on AVR-ATMEGA 32'' on 30th TO 31th July        2018,ASIET,Kalady 
  8.       Attended Two day workshop on'' Industrial safety,Security and Health'' on 3rd to 5th January 2019,ASIET,Kalady 
  9.      Attended Two day workshop on ''Fundamentals of system Designing Using microcontrollers For IoT and Robotics ''on 25th to 27th june    2019,ASIET,Kalady
Email Phone Date Of Joining[@]adishankara.[ac].[in] 0484-2463825 09-01-2012