Assistant Professor
Areas of Interest : Wireless Technology
  • Email :
  • Designation : Assistant Professor
  • Mobile No : 04842463825
  • Date Of joining : 05-01-2015

  Committed to professionalism; highly organized, work under strict deadline schedules with attention to detail; have excellent written and communication skills. 

Qualification Details
  • Mtech in Wireless Technology from Toc H Institute of Science and Technology (CUSAT) with CGPA  8.78 in the year 2013
  • BE in ECE from DSEC( Anna University ) with 82% in the year 2008





  1. Currently working as Asst Professor at ASIET,Kalady(since 05/01/2015)
  2. Worked as Asst Professor at MODEL Engineering college( July 2014 to December 2014)
  3. Worked as Guest lecturer at CUSAT, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department. (December 2009  to April 2010)
Publications Details

Paper publications

  • Anjana S et al published paper “ Smart Ring” in Journal of Optical Communication Electronics"Volume no 5,Issue 3,pages 6-10 ,May 2019
  • "Survey on current status of mangrove forests "  Journal of Environmental Research And Development" (JERAD), 2019
  • " STUDY ON e-WASTE MANAGEMENT " Journal of Environmental Research And Development" (JERAD), 2019
  • Anjana S et al.published paper "Assistive technology for paralyzed people using brain machine interface in  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research:  "Volume no 15,Issue 1,pages 143-147,May 2020

Patent Filed

  • BOJA The automatic wall painting robot    /202041029593/  13/7/2020
Projects Undertaken
Academic Year Project Title
2019-20 Energy efficient home automation using IoT
2019-2020 Assistive technology for paralysed using BMI
2018-2019 Smart Ring
Short Term Courses Attended

AY: 2019-2020


  1. Attended a workshop  in industry 4.0 (17-21stjuly 2019)
  2. FDP on Technical English for Engineers 
  3. One day Industrial Training on ONEDI- Intelligent transport management systems conducted by Technovia solutions Pvt Ltd, Kakkanad on 05/12/2019
  4. Faculty development program on “Industy 4.0  Technological advances and implications” at  ASIET  from 17th to 21 st June 2019 
  5. One day training at Nest Institute of fiber Optic Technology Pvt Ltd.

AY: 2018-2019


  1. Attended National Conference on Recent Trends in VLSI,Communication and Networks (4th and 5th 2018)
  2. Attended FDP on IoT, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics in July 2018 at ASIET(funded by KSCSTE)
  3. Completed a one week training on Solar Power Systems at Evergreen Technologies(16/07/2018-20/07/2018)

AY: 2017-2018

  1. Workshop on recent trends in VLSI Technology at AdiShankara Institute of science and Technology (3/1/2017 to 7/1/2017)
  2. FDP on Emerging Trends in Nano Science and Nano Technology from 17/04/18 to 21/04/2018
  3. Attended tutorials and conference sessions of National Conference on Recent Trends in VLSI, Communication and Networks 2018 on 4/5/18 and 5/5/18.