Ms. Rajitha A R
Assistant Professor (PhD Doing)
Ms. Rajitha  A R
Areas of Interest : Power Electronics
  • Email :
  • Designation : Assistant Professor (PhD Doing)
  • Mobile No : 08547699787
  • Date Of joining : 01-07-2009


Qualification Details

1. Pursuing PhD under Kerala Technological University 

2.Completed M Tech from M G University in 2013.

3.Completed B Tech from Kerala University in 2006.



1. Lecturer in TEC,Kerala University from October 2006 to June 2009

2. Assistant Professor in ASIET Since 2009 

Publications Details
  1. Published a paper on “A Modified Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Implementing V2G Technology, in International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science” Volume 2,Issue 7,PP 1509-1523,ISSN 2582-5208.Year 2020.
  2. Published a paper on” “DC-DC Converter Topologies For Battery-electric Vehicles Interface”, in International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science,Volume2, Issue 7,Page 2582-5208.Year 2020.
  3. Published a paper on A Modified Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Implementing V2G Technology on Scopus indexed springer book series International Conference on Advances in computing, communication, embedded and secure systems (Access’ 20),
  4. Published a paper on “'Isolated Switched Boost Push Pull DC-DC Step-up Converter"on ERTEE;18,GLOBAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT JOURNALS, pp. 2455,March 2018.
  5. Published a paper on  ‘Wi-Fi Based Smart Car For Toxic Gas Monitoring’ in  IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE),volume 3,May 2017       e-ISSN: 2278-1676,p-ISSN: 2320-3331, PP 09-11
  6. Published a paper on ‘Hybrid Multilevel H-Bridge Converter Based STATCOM’ in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) Volume 02, Issue 5 August 2015.
  7. Published a paper on ‘ A Review of Modulation Techniques for Chopper cell based Modular Multilevel Converters’ in IRJET Volume 2, Issue 4 July 2015
  8. Published a paper on ‘Robust Railway Track Crack Detection using MEMS Technology in IJSTE - International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering , Volume 1 , Issue 11 ,May 2015
  9. Presented a Paper titled ‘ One Cycle Control of Bridgeless Buck Converter, in the   International conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Systems,ICETES-2013   organized by Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam and Published  a  paper entitled  ‘A Novel Control Method for Bridgeless Voltage Doubler PFC Buck Converter’ in IJERT, Volume 2,Issue 10 (October-2013
  10.  Published  a  paper on   ‘Simulation of Bridgeless Buck Converter’ in IJERT, Volume 2,Issue 7  (July -2013)
Projects Undertaken

1. A Modified Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DCConverter Implementing V2G Technology(M Tech Project)

2. IOT Based Battery Management System (B Tech Project)

3.Wi Fi Based Smart car for ToxicGas Monitoring

4.Hybrid Multilevel H-Bridge Converter Based STATCOM

5.Robust Railway Track Crack Detection using MEMS Technology.

Short Term Courses Attended


  1. Attended AICTE sponsored online STTP Series-3 "Design of Drive Train & Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Applications organized by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of SAINTGITS College of Engineering from 26th to 31st of October 2020.
  2. Attended "5 day Online Faculty Development Programme on “Practical Challenges in the Design and Development of Electric Vehicles” organized by the Electrical Engineering Department, NIT Calicut, from 24th-28th August, 2020.
  3. Attended One week online FDP on “Current affairs and Research scope in renewable energy “ Organized by Dept. of EEE, Chennai Institute of Technology from 29/06/20 to 03/07/20.
  4. Attended Five day Online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "System Modelling and Control Methods" organized by Department of EEE, SSET from  13/07/2020 to 17/07/2020.
  5. Attended National level 5 day online Faculty Development Programme on 'Real time Applications of Power Electronics-Research Scope and Challenges'  conducted by Dept. of EEE, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalady From 27/07/20 to 31/07/20.
  6. Attended a Three Day workshop on ‘The Art of Technical Writing and Publishing in the Pursuit of Academic Excellence’ from January 13th to15th at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Karukutty.
  7. Participated and successfully completed AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy FDP on Block Chain from 9/12/2019 to 13/12/2019 at ASIET,Kalady.
  8. Attended a five day KTU sponsored Faculty Development Program on ‘Advances in Electric Vehicle Technology’ from 8th to 12th July 2019 at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology .
  9. Attended Faculty Development program on Emerging Trends in NANO Science & Nano Technology (KTU Sponsored) from 17th to 21st April 2018.
  10. Succesfully completed Five Day Faculty Development Program on ROBOTICs and IoT-A Promise to Modern Era at FISAT from 16th to 20th July 2018
  11. Workshop on “Latex for effective professional writing” at Adi shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology from 4 th -9 th January 2017
  12. Workshop on ‘Energy Conservation, Management And Challenges In A Deregulated System’from 3rd to 9th December 2014(1 week)     EEE, Dept ASIET,Kalady
  13. Workshop on ‘Control System Design And Simulation Using Lab view ‘from 15th to 19th December 2014 (1 week) AE&I Dept. ASIET,Kalady
  14. Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on Industrial Automation from 6th  to 10th  January 2014                (1 week)   EEE Dept. ASIET,Kalady
  15. International conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical System-2013 ICETES-’13 Department of EEE, MACE, Kothamangalam.
  16. Workshop on 'Intel Galileo & Arduino Platform'        ASIET,Kalady
  17. Short Term Training Programme on Power Electronics for Smart Grid     EEE Dept.   ASIET, Kalady
  18. ISTE Approved Short Term Training Programme, PRABHAAVA-A Novel Approach to Control System and its Applications from 26th to 30th  April 2010 (5 Days)  EEE Dept.   ASIET, Kalady