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Faculty Profile
Gomathy S
Gomathy S
Associate Professor
    • Joint Coordinator and Member of Energy conservation society for Smart Energy  Program in schools in Ernakulam district, Kerala 2014 and 2015
    • Vice President of Energy Conservation Society 2019
    • Senior member IEEE and PES chapter advisor
    • Member of IEEE ,IAS society. Student Branch Counselor of ASIET student branch  2012 onwards.
    • Member of  Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering (Life member).Awards
    • Got a certificate of appreciation from IEEE for the services rendered as the Student Branch Counselor of ASIET for the year 2014.
    • Got best teacher award for getting 100 % results in 2006 , 2013  and 2018 in  the various subjects taught  in ASIET.
    • Won a third prize for the National Energy Auditing Competition -2015 under my guidance.
    • Won a Second prize for the National Energy Auditing Competition -2016 under my guidance.
    • Got a certificate of appreciation for volunteering as a Proctor to guide for IEEE Xtream 11.0 programming competition in 2017.
    • Third prize for best ENCON club award as coordinator- 2016-17.
    • Best Paper award for 'Power Generation using Roof top ventillator' in National conference on 'Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation' April 24,2017
    • Best teacher award for the year 2016
    • Best IEEE Student Branch Counselor Award for the year 2017 in Kerala Section
    • Got Silver Award  to the institution from SEEM National Energy Management Award 2019 for the contributions rendered  under the SEEM chapter. for the year 2018-19
    • KTU Academic Auditor for the academic year 2019-20
    • Rendered services in variuos leadership activities, published papers and guided projects winning prizes.
Qualification details


College / University


M. Tech in Power Electronics

Cochin University of Science and Technology


B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering  

University of  Calicut  



Pursuing in CUSAT

  • Logic Control Method”  in the International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering ISSN 2250-2459 Volume5, Issue 3,March 2015
  • “Speed control of Brushless DC Motor using Fuzzy based Controllers” in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology  e-ISSN:2395-0056 p- ISSN:2395-0072 Volume2 Issue 4 July 2015
  • Performance Evaluation of Conventional Controllers For Brushless DC Motor,International Research journal of Engineering and Technology(IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056     p-ISSN:2395-0072 Volume2 issue3 June 2015
  • EEG-Based Brain-Controlled Mobile Robot, IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE) e-ISSN: 2278-1676,p-ISSN: 2320-3331, Volume 11, Issue 2 Ver.II (Mar. – Apr. 2016), PP 43-49
  • Direct Torque Conrol of Induction Motor with PI and Fuzzy tuned PI based Speed Regulators, IJERT, Volume. 5, Issue. 05 , May – 2016
  • Roof Top Turbine Ventilator,IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IOSR-JEEE),e-ISSN: 2278-1676, p-ISSN: 2320-3331,pp 88-91,April 2017
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  • "Comparative study on Bridge type Negative Luo converter fed BLDC motor drive "published in IOSR journal 2018 
  • "Comparative Study on Luo Converter and Ultra Luo converter for Power Factor Correction in BLDC motor drive" IEEE Xplore: 27 September 2018  ISBN Information: Publisher: IEEE INSPEC Accession number: 18131555  DOI: 10.1109/ICICCT.2018.8473195
  • "A modified high gain boost converter for PV in DC microgrid for AC and DC application "in the international conference on intelligent computing instrumentation and control Technologies (ICICICT-2019)IEEE Xplore: 13 February 2020  ISBN Information: Publisher: IEEE INSPEC Accession number: 19358565 DOI: 10.1109/ICICICT46008.2019.8993179\
  • "Analysis Of Boost Converters For Pv And Wind "In A Hybrid Microgrid IEEE Xplore: 20 February 2020  ISBN Information: Publisher: IEEE INSPEC  Accession number: 19379619 DOI: 10.1109/ICCES45898.2019.9002546
  • A Modified, Reduced Harmonics Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with an Elevation Factor of 1:10 Presented and accepted for publication  May 2020ACCESS 2020 : International Conference on Advances  in Computing, Communication Embedded and Secure Systems IEEE
  • "A novel asymmetrical cascaded h-bridge multilevel Inverter for microinverter Applications" in International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science Volume:02/Issue:07/July -2020 e-ISSN: 2582-5208

  • "Microinverter topologies for solar pv-grid interfacing" in International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science.

    Volume:02/Issue:07/July -2020 e-ISSN: 2582-5208

Power electronic interface in microgrid applications

Power generation from Roof top Ventilation

Fault detection in un manned substation

Electrical system design and execution of high rise buildings

Workshop on ‘ High impact Teaching skills’

26 and 30 May 2009

SCMS, Karukutty



Workshop on Soft skills

23 to 25 Sept 2009

Infosys, Mysore


STTP on ‘ Energy Conservation and Management’ under TEQIP II

5-9 Jan 2012

SOE, CUSAT, Kalamassery


UGC sponsored Orientation Program on Women Empowerment

30 july 2012

St Xaviers college, Aluva


STTP on ‘ New frontiers in Drives control and Power Electronics’ under TEQIP II

6-10 Jan 2014

SOE, CUSAT, Kalamassery


FDP on ‘applied Mathematics’

16-20 June 2014



Training program on Legislative Measures against sexual harassment in Educational Institutions

31 July 2014

NUALS, Kochi


Workshop on ‘Labview – The Tool and its applications’ under TEQIP II

27-31 Oct 2014

SOE, CUSAT, Kalamassery


STTP on ‘Power Electronics for Smart Grid’

10/12/2015 – 15/12/2015



Workshop Sustainable Engineering

15-21 July 2015



Workshop on Engineering  Research

12/1/2016- 18/1/2016



FDP  on ‘Pedagogical initiatives and preparatory practices’




KTU sponsored FDP on ‘Essential Mathematics for Engineering’

29/11/2016- 3/12/2016



Hands on Workshop on LATEX for effective professional writing

4/1/2017 to 9/1/2017


15 Emerging Trends in Nanascience and Nanotechnology  17/04/2018 to 21/04/2018 KTU sponsored at ASIET
16 Artificial Intellegence and machine learning 14/12/2019 to 19/12/2019 ASIET,Kalady
17 Innovations and challenges in microgrid 14/01/2019 to 18/01/2019 ASIET,Kalady

TEQUIP – III  sponsored FDP on Power electronic applications to renewable energy systems and energy storage systems

 06/07/20 to 10/07/20  National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru
19 Real time applications of power electronics – Research scope and Challenges 27/07/20 to 31/07/20

ASIET, Kalady, Kerala

20 TEQUIP – III  sponsored  Short term training Program on Emerging Trends in Power Systems 14/09/20 to 18/09/20 Division of electrical engineering, CUSAT & THDC institute of Hydropower Engineering & Technology
Email Phone Date Of Joining
gomathy.eee[@]adishankara.[ac].[in] 0484-2463825 23-09-2005