Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering



SHREIS  (SHANKARA RESEARCH CENTRE IN INFORMATION SCIENCE) has expertise  in various research  areas .  SHREIS consultancy of Computer Science &Engineering  Departmernt  strike  for strengthening  the   institute to Industry Interface  and enrich the  professional  experience. The consultancy center act as a  Liaison  between the  institute , Industry and other Govt. body  to undertake  project with specific  problem and provide solution.

Following are the services provided by the Consultancy   Center.

  1. Analytical Studies -  Center  has various advanced  Software   Tools and Research expertise   in utilizing latest technology  for  areas like Business Analysis, Image processing  especially  Medical Image Processing. The center can provide specific solution to client based  on the Analytical study.

Typical project  which are carried out but not limited to  given below.

  1. Medical Image Processing: Alzheimer’s detection at early stage, Analysis of surgical videos.
  2. Visual Cryptography : Share preservation and encryption.
  1. Software  Development   Services -  The center has the capabilities to provide Software development services to the specific   requirement of the  Client . These include mobile based application, Client  Server Application, ERP etc.  Center has already provide services in the following areas.
  1. ERP for Ayurveda Hospital
  2. Online  Examination  Software

The center has the capability to provide system study , Analysis, Design & Development of Software  for specific needs of the organization.

  1. On line Test Facility  : - The Department  have tie up with various organizations  like  TCS- ION, NSE , ASAP  Kerala, Sify  etc.  and to provide  computer center  and   lab  for conducting   various  prestigious online exams like GATE, CAT  etc.
  2. Training Services : - Center is providing various Training program on  IT for Public and students and also for corporate  for ASAP . This include
  1. Computer  Literacy  Program for public
  2. Training  on programming  Language
  3. CCNA based Network  Training  Program
  4. PC Hardware and Maintenance Training  Program
  5. Consultancy in  Providing Total Solution for  computing  and  Network Infrastructure.

  The center has expertise in campus wide LAN, WAN services, Network administration services etc.  The center has often consultancy services for ( as per request )-  supervision , installing, commissioning and  Testing .    

  1. Facility- 
  1. Central Computing Facility
  2. Research Lab in  Image Processing
  3. Research  Lab in  Information  Security
  4. CASE Tool Lab
  5. Data Science  Research Lab

                                   Contact Details:

Prof.R.Rajaram                                                          Dr.Abraham Varghese

CSE Dept,                                                        Associate  Professor

ASIET, Kalady                                                          ASIET, Kalady