NBA ACCREDITED TILL 30-06-2021 ref. F.No. 26-56-2016-NBA Dated: 29-03-2018
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department Info

Course Intake Duration
B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering 60 4 Years
M.Tech in Power Electronics & Power Systems 24 2 YEARS

             The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering started functioning at ASIET since 2001. During past years we put our mark in both academic and non academic circles. We are committed to the advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in Electrical Engineering .We aim to provide the students with a stimulating and rewarding learning experience.

             Our  primary objective is to offer value added educational experience which enables graduates to compete for a range of career opportunities in  India and abroad.

             Our Department offers  B. Tech course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and M. Tech course in Power electronics and Power System. Aiding our dream to provide skilled, socially committed citizens we have well equipped laboratories, an excellent department library and highly committed faculty and staff. To install the spirit of Social commitment in students ,we promote programs such as VIDYUTH.This is an innovative venture to provide electricity for economically poor people of the society.All Electrical maintenance and developmental activities within the campus is overseen and undertaken by the department.

To be an exemplary department in electrical engineering to facilitate value imbibed quality professionals.


  • Impart state of the art knowledge in Electrical and Electronics Engineering field.
  • Inculcate the culture of Research and lifelong learning.
  • Facilitate the professionals with commitment towards social & ethical values.

Head of the department

Education will be perfect if and only if it equips one for struggle of life, bring out strength of character, spirit of philanthropy and courage to face challenges.


UG B.Tech(EEE)   2014    -    72.5%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2013    -    47.6%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2012    -    88.23%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2011    -    66.93%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2010    -    75.81%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2009    -    64.63%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2017     -    86.36%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2016    -    77.4%
UG B.Tech(EEE)   2015    -    71.92%

Prides of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Amrutha G Kartha

3rd Rank

B.Tech(EEE) - 2013

Ponnu M S

2nd RANK

PEPS - 2016

Lakshmi C R


PEPS - 2016

Anathapadmanabhan A S

2nd Rank

B.Tech(EEE) - 2015

Anila C

4th Rank

B.Tech(EEE) - 2005



B.Tech(EEE) - 2016

Linta Eliya Mathew


B.Tech(EEE) - 2012