Degree Institution/University Year
PhD Anna University, Chennai 2014
M Tech National Insitute of Technology Karnataka(NITK), Surathkal 2007
Degree M G University, Kottayam 1997
M Sc. Bharadidasan University 2000






Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kalady, Kerala

Associate Professor

2014 December- Till date

Assistant Professor

2008 February- 2014 November

M P Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Bhilai,


2002 April-2005 August



2009- 2014

Anna University, Chennai.

Thesis: Content Based Image Retrieval of Brain MR images and level based anomaly detection

The primary research goals are directed towards retrieving similar Magnetic Resonance Brain images from a large image database using content of the images, without using any keyword or id. 


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11.    A. Varghese, R R. Varghese,  B Kannan, J S. Paul,  ’Classification of Similar Anatomical Structure Brain MR images using  Moment features of Local Binary Pattern’, IEEE International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing 2013, Chennai


The current projects include:

1.      Clinical Decision support system for Brain MR images

The aim of this work is to how to make use of inter and intra patient comparison for effective diagnosis process especially in medical domain. Specifically, the focus is to develop a search and retrieval mechanism for Magnetic Resonance brain images to address following questions:

a)      Is it possible to retrieve similar anatomical images from the large image database using the content of the images without using any keyword like patient id or name?

b)      Are we able to make clinical decision support system that predicts the disease class of the query image by retrieving the n images nearest to the query image from the large pool of images with the predicted disease class?


2.      Early detection of Alzheimer's Disease using Local measure on Magnetic Resonance Images

The focus of the work is to develop effective descriptors to process the Magnetic resonance brain images in order to identify minute changes before extensive damage to the brain has already occurred.


3.       Bigdata processing for Surgical video

Conventional data processing technologies are now unable to process large amount of data within a tolerable elapsed time. In this work the aim is  to process tera bytes of surgical videos based on Hadoop related technologies and cloud computing infrastructure in order  to extract meaningful information like 1) Identification of instruments-type, number, occasion of use2). Field information-a scalar measure by which focus, zoom is quantified. 3) Whether lighting is optimum. 5). Anatomic classification- whether it is possible to recognize the type of tissue 6) Extent of bleeding.


4.      Lips-Control Assistive Communication System for The Serious Disabled

In this project, the aim is to develop communication system for disabled persons in order to ease their day to day activities based on the lips movement

Two day workshop on ‘Data structures and Algorithms’ at ASIET,Kalady


ISTE sponsored one week training program on Linux Administration And Networking conducted at ASIET Kalady


One week training program on ‘Technical Teachers Training” conducted by AICTE at MPCCET, Bhilai


One week ISTE AICTE training program on “ Latest advances in algorithm analysis and design” at Thapar University, Patiala.


One day workshop on Datamining Using SPSS at CUSAT,COCHIN.


Two weeks workshop on Datamining  and Datawarehousing at Vel Tech Multi Tech Engg college ,Chennai


Two weeks workshop on ‘Recent Trends And Application In Image Processing’ in Model Engg college, Trikkakkara


One week workshop on National Instructional Workshop in Cryptology at CUSAT, May 6-10, 2013


Two day workshop on ‘Medical Image Computing’ conducted at NITK , Surathkal ,17-18 Jan 2014


One week FDP on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning  to be held during June 23- June 28, 2014 at NIT Calicut


Professional Body Membership

Life member ISTE (LM 57755)

Member CSI


Ø  Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from Kerala State Council for Technical Education (KSCTE) for the year 2015.

Ø  St Joseph College Centenary Medal winner  for outstanding Academic performance(PG), 2000

Ø  Surjanarayana Memorial Medal winner (PG), 2000

Ø  Best Teacher Award for the year 2014 at ASIET Kalady, 2014

Ø  Silver partnership Certificate from Infosys Campus Connect Program, 2015

Books Published

C Programming and Data structures: By Manesh T & Abraham Varghese

Consultancy Services