Degree Institution/University Year
PhD Magadh University 2010
Post Graduation Thiagarajar College of Engineering/MK University 1997
Degree BSc(Mathematics), AMIE  
Others D.Pty.M                              NIHRD,Madras 1997



1.Worked as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Sathyabama Engineering College, Chennai from 26.05.1997 to 27.09.2005

2.Worked as  Professor  and Head - Department  of Electronics  & Communication Engineering’ Jeyamatha Engineering college, Kanyakumari, Tamil nadu  from 05.10.2005  to 02.06.2010


1.Worked as Technical Assistant in Cambell Electronics Ltd, Chennai   for three years.   

2.Worked as Purchase Engineer in Kone Elevators India Ltd, Chennai from 06.07.94 to 16.11.95 

In Journals


1.  'Adaptive median filtering for image processing applications’ A heuristic approach' published in the journal IJISE,GA,USA ISSN 1934-9955,VOL.3.NO.1,JAN'09

2.  'Route determining technology using DESBOR and GPS' got published in IEEE Proceedings, DEC '10. LFP 10201-PRT ISBN:978-1-4244-5966-7

3.’Identifying abnormalities in heart potentials’ published in the journal IJISE,GA,USA ISSN 1934-9955,JAN'11

4.’Autobot evolution : A futuristic approach’- published in the journal IJET,VOL.3(3) ISSN 0975-4024,JUNE 2011

 5. ‘Adaptable network for internet security’- IEEE Proceedings,December 2011

6“Iinter-image quality measure assessments for face recognition under realistic condition in ISR journal, April 2014  issue

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8Detection of malaria infecting parasite from thin smear digital images (vol. 10, no 2, year 2015) international journal of applied engineering research (ISSN:0973-4562).

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16. A compact microstrip tri-band bandpass filter using six mode resonator, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 118 No. 20 2018, 1299-1306, ISSN: 1311-8080 (printed version); ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version) (Scopus Indexed journal)

17. A Study on Deep Learning for Bioinformatics, International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering ISSN: 2454-4248, Volume: 4 Issue: 2,276 – 280(UGC approved journal)

18. Design Techniques used in Microstrip Tri-Band Bandpass Filter, International Journal of Research e-ISSN: 2348-6848, p-ISSN: 2348-795X, Volume: 05 Issue:12, April 2018(Thomson Reuters indexed, UGC approved journal)

In Conferences


1. 'Digital water marking using image fusion method' in SIT, Virudhanagar on 28th of April 2010

2. ‘Self defending network’ in  HCET, Coimbatore on 25,26 of March 2010

3. 'The wireless sensor network for home care system using ZIGBEE' in SCCET, Kanyakumari on 24,25 December 2010

4. Towards content centric routing in IoT Networks, Kerala Technological Congress (KETCON-2018 Human Computer Interface) published in conference proceedings-page: 592-598




1. 'Autonomous driving system using SCABOR technology and GPS' in ASHTA, Maharashtra, on 15,16 of December 2009

2.Comparison of Coded Cooperation and Space Time Cooperation, IEEE sponsored 4th international conference on innovations in information, embedded and communication systems(ICIIECS17).



Professional Body Membership

1.Instititution of Engineers(India)

Books Published
Consultancy Services