Department of MBA
Department of MBA

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Adi Shankara Business School, Kalady is one of the top business schools in Kerala. An institution of excellence, we provide high-quality management education and give ample opportunities to our students to acquire and develop their managerial skills. We are committed to develop management leaders through rigorous development process. With regular seminars, workshops, co-curricular activities and various add-on courses, ABS is focused on inculcating the skill sets that enable students to be assets for the industry. The pedagogy is student centric and hence the emphasis is more on learning rather than teaching. We also conduct various socially relevant projects and organize community extension activities in order to instil social responsibility in our budding managers. Lectures are conducted by industry heads every fortnight.

At ABS, we understand the changing needs of the industry and go beyond the university curriculum to develop the capability of students for facing such challenges. Add on courses like Certified General Marketer (IAMP, London), Certified HR Analytics and Metrics, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Certified Business Analytics for Finance and Marketing etc. are provided to make the students more competent and employable. Yoga classes are also being included in order to strengthen the mental capacity of our students. Our department takes pride in having an enviable track record when it comes to placement opportunities. Customized special pre-placement training programmes are being conducted every trimester. Our faculty have a fine blend of industry and teaching experience to provide all -round development for the students.


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