Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology proved to be the stage for yet another exciting student venture through the inauguration of Kerala Startup Mission’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre from 10th February 2015. Named as Adi Shankara IEDC Boot Camp (ABC), the chapter aims at improving the entrepreneurship and technical skills of passionate students and at the same time, coming out with produces which would have the potential of generating revenue. Adi Shankara IEDC Bootcamp is working its best to spread the message of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship among students in the college/region.

Among the 216 IEDC’s in the state,Kerala Startup Mission has selected  Adi Shankara IEDC Bootcamp as the best IEDC in the state for the past 3 years. Also received the Entrepreneurship Enabler Award 2018 for the notable contribution to the startup ecosystem. In order to enhance the creativity and design thinking among students, every year we conduct Innovation Challenges which get reflected as a startup culture ecosystem in the campus.  IEDC also organizes entrepreneurship awareness camps, skill development programs, design thinking workshops, patent support systems, Hackathons, Startup Bootcamps, product expos, outreach training programs, Meet the mentor and investor programs for the overall development of the ecosystem.

We also have a Business Hub with 1435 sq ft space as a pre incubation facility for our student startups. This Co Working Space is been used by our students who have registered startups. The space consist of Conference tables, necessary tables, chairs, white board, Wifi and  table tennis board too.


•    Among the 196 IEDC’s in the State,Kerala Startup Mission has identified AdiShankara IEDC as the Best Performing in the State and awarded us the prestigious Entrepreneurship Enabler Award on 8th Sept in the IEDC Summit 2018 held at Kanjirapally.

•    On 08th March, 2018 Kerala Startup Mission listed the Performing IEDC’s and AdiShankara IEDC was one among the 31 Performing IEDC’s in the State and an additional grant of Rs.2lakh was sanctioned for the same.Order No: K-SUM/20/2018

•    Our IEDC Innovative Project Baltem Gyrate designed by the students of the Department of ECE got an IDEA DAY Grant of Rs.5 Lakh from Kerala Startup Mission on 5/2/2018.

•    Our Students from the Department of IT won the Best project Award on Techstarts Startup Weekend  powered by Google for entrepreneurs on 21/1/2018.

•    Our student from MBA got an IDEA DAY product grant of Rs.10 lakhs for his product Dhe Auto(online auto app)on 2/1/2018.

•    AdiShankara IEDC Bootcamp has been recognized by E-Cell IIT Bombay for becoming the finalist in Basic Track of National Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017- 2018 organized at IIT Bombay.

•    IEDC guided project,Jackfruit Plucking Equipment,done by Mechanical Engineering Studentsgot 2nd prize and 10K cash prize in all Kerala Jack Fruit Plucking Equipment challenge conducted by KTU.

•    Our innovative Project,Machine to dispose off used sanitary napkins chemically, done by AiswaryaParamadathil (AE&I)has received Patent. The project way fully supported by our IEDC. Patent no: 298227

•    AiswaryaParamadathil our AE&I student has won the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award on 13/3/2016 in the Festival of Innovation held at RashtrapatiBhavan

•    On 23rd August 2016 Kerala Startup Mission [KSUM] organized the IEDC Summit at Thiruvananthapuram. AdiShankara IEDC was recognized as one among the most active IEDC clubs in the state and presented with memento for being one of the top 20 IEDCs.


•    As a part of enhancing the eco system and promoting young minds,AdiShankara IEDC in association with Asianet News has been organising an innovation challenge named AdiShankaraAsianet News Young Scientist Award for the past 3 years where the winners get an opportunity to visit NASA, USA.

•    AdiShankara IEDC in association with HACK CLUB, USAconducted an International MLH Local Hackathonfor both school and college students.

•    As a part of enriching the creativity and innovation among our students AdiShankaraIEDC in association with KSUM has been conducting an innovation challenge named APJ ABDUL KALAM INNOVATION CHALLENGE for the past 3 years where we identify potential student projects, mentor and fund them to convert it intoa marketable products.

•    AdiShankara IEDC in association with ICT Academy has conducted a series ofIntercollegiate Design Thinking Workshopfor enhancing the creative capability among students to develop a marketable product.

•    As a part of building relationships with Industry and solving their problems AdiShankara IEDC has conducted a series Factory Workshop on INDUSTRY 4.0. We also got special appreciation from Apollo Tyers for conducting the same.

•    In order to encourage female entrepreneurship, AdiShankara IEDC in association with 4Tune Factory conducted a series of Women Empowerment through EnterpreneurshipWorkshops(Prayaana) forgirl students of ASIET.

•    As a part of‘Mentoring our campus startups’AdiShankara IEDC conducts an Alumni Entrepreneurs Conclave. It’s a platform for our Alumni Entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences, which got reflected as a strong mentoring mechanism.

•    As a part of providing funding to our student projects IEDC conducted a 1 min elevator pitch challenge, where students pitch their idea and get funding for their campus projects.

•    IEDC also conducts Faculty Development Programs (FDP) like IPR, PATENT, Latest Technologies, Entrepreneurship Training for enhancing the interest of our faculty members towards Entrepreneurship.

•    In order to strengthen the technical skill sets of the student community AdiShankara IEDC conducted a series of Workshops on Latest Technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Engine Assembly, Drone Making, Fab Lab basics and 3D printing, Android app development, Web Development,   Virtual reality Game Development etc.

IEDC Executive Members for the Academic year 2023-24

IEDC Execom (2023-2024)
Sl No Name Branch Semester Contact Position
1 Eldhose P Sim Computer Science & Engineering   9946725602 Nodal Officer IEDC
2 Dr. Rahual Kirshnan Electronics & Communication Engineering   80724 12362 Asst. Nodal Officer IEDC
3 Nowar Lal Mechanical Engineering S7 7593930397 IEDC Lead
4 U Hari Krishnan Computer Science & Engineering S7 9895714641 Asst. IEDC Lead
5 Alvin Regin Computer Science(AI) S7 8590090725 Technology Lead
6 Ardhra K Shaji Computer Science(AI) S5 8136815808 Asst.Technology Lead
7 Rahul James Civil Engineering S7 8138972639 Event Lead &IPR Coordinator
8 Melvin Mathew Jacob  Electronics & Bio Medical Engineering  S5 9447869791 Asst. Event Lead &IPR Coordinator
9 Nandana Computer Science & Engineering S5 7306154822 Asst. Event Lead & IPR Coordinator
10 Benchacko Chittilappilly Electrical & Electronics Engineering S7 7902873801 Finance Lead
11 Aparna Prasad Electronics & Communication Engineering S5 6238579611 Asst.Finance Lead
12 Sanchu M Electrical & Electronics Engineering S5 7994354938 Creative and Innovation Lead
13 Ajin P D Computer Science(AI) S5 7594088348 Asst. Creative and Innovation Lead
14 Lakshmi Nandana R Computer Science & Engineering S3 7907633240 Asst. Creative and Innovation Lead
15 Aaron P Laju Computer Science(AI) S7 9446587487 Community Lead
16 Lijo k Simon Robotics and Automation S7 8893960149 Asst.Community Lead
17 Arjun Bittaj Computer Science(AI) S5 9496440680 Asst.Community Lead
18 Nanditha Nambiar Computer Science & Engineering S5 7304396216 Women Entrepreneurship Lead
19 Malavika Muraleedharan Computer Science(AI) S3 8921783431 Asst. Women Entrepreneurship Lead
20 Alan S Puthussery Robotics and Automation S7 7034967829 Branding and Marketing Lead
21 Noel Mathew Electronics & Communication Engineering S7 8129170150 Quality and Operation Lead
22 Adarsh Jomon Robotics and Automation S5 9946519553 Asst. Quality and Operation Lead