IPR Cell

With the advancement of engineering Science and Technology, and the proliferation of knowledge in developed and developing countries, inventions and creations have become a daily affair. The caution to safeguard the individual’s product of human intellect from abuse or misuse has necessitated a legal security cover. The incubation centers in almost all HEIs seek legal assistance to protect the inventions and the interests of the inventor and the laws concerned are called Intellectual Property Rights. Adi shankara institute of engineering and technology kalady, with the intention of creating awareness among the Faculty and the Research Scholars, has launched the IPR Cell on 25.06.2018 with an Orientation Programme on Intellectual Property Rights. The IPR Cell of our college is committed to encourage the creativity and innovation that happen on its premises leading to generation of Intellectual Property. This Cell extends its services to the in-house scholars as well as the common public of our locality.

Co-ordinator - Dr. P Jenopaul, Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IPR Policy

Academic and Research Institutions are concerned with successfully managing projects and research initiatives and the protection of their IP Rights which will benefit all stake holders. 

Salient Features of the Policy

•    Right to be in joint name: -The patent shall be taken in the joint names of the college and the inventor

•    The inventor may retain ownership if the IP is developed without use of college resources and time.

•    The expenses in connection with the registration of any I.P.R. shall be borne by the college.

•    Any profit accruing from the patent shall be shared between the college and the inventor as per policy.

•    The person responsible for the invention or discovery shall render free service to the college in connection with the exploitation of the

     patent. The terms on which patents may be offered for exploitation shall be determined solely by the college

•    The college faculty and students may publish their research outputs provided that are not copyrightable/patentable intellectual


•    The process to be followed for filing a patent has been explicitly defined in the policy, and is to be followed for an efficient process. 

Obligations of the Inventor

•    Disclose the invention in a thorough manner.

•    Have trust on the I.P.R. cell and provide information as and when asked for.

•    Provide assistance throughout the period of Intellectual property rights procedures.

Functions and Responsibilities


•    To orient the Faculty, Research Scholars and Students on the importance of IPR through Workshops/Seminars

•    To organize periodic meetings with the experts from Patent Information Centre for identifying patentable inventions 

•    To guide and support the common public in obtaining protection for their creative ideas/inventions

•    To create conductive ambience for the development of Intellectual Property(IP)

•    To facilitate proper understanding of a wide range of legal concepts with regard to Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents,                                     

     Geographical Indication, and Industrial Designs and Models

•    To foster innovations leading to Human progress and advancement

Realizing the potential of the Higher Education Institutions in incubating ideas and providing solutions, the IPR Cell of our college is committed to the cause of converting society-friendly research concepts to valuable patents.


•    Conducting IPR outreach activities

•    Celebrating World IP Day on 26 April of every year

•    Counseling on career opportunity in IPR

•    Career assistance and guidance on preparation for Patent Agent Examination, Trademark Agent Examination TIFAC Women scientists

     scheme (1 year training on IPR), other IP positions and the required skills

•    Providing assistance in scientific R&D by providing the latest publication and patents on the subject

•    Providing prior-art search reports for analyzing Intellectual property

•    Providing Patentability opinion on invention

•    Drafting patent specifications

•    Preparation of documents for filing IPR Applications

•    Filing IPR Applications and follow-up thereafter

•    Facilitating IPR services including outsourcing, coordinating with experts like advocates, agents etc. for various IPR needs including IPR

      watch, oppositions, litigations etc.

IPR Cell Executive Members for the Academic year 2023-24

1 Dr. M S Murali                                Principal Chairperson
2 Dr. P Jenopaul Faculty Member Member
3 Adv. Febin James Civil And Criminal Lawyer Member
4 Er. Ajay Basil Varghese Incubation Head Member
5 Er. Krishnaprasad V Alumni Industrial Expert Member Secretory

Activities of IPR Cell