Adi Shankara is planning to take up the entrepreneurial journey by focusing more on automation of traditional systems by technology upgradation through which the upliftment of rural people can be made possible.

•    Robotics and Industrial IOT

•    Rural Technology

•    Green Technology

•    AI & ML in Healthcare

Evaluating our IEDC performance, on 2019 Kerala State Industrial Development Cooperation (KSIDC) has sanctioned  Technology Business Incubation  Centre at Adi shankara. Currently 10 of our alumni startups named ICube Design Studio, PenserLabs, RIOD Logic, Edith Industries, Green Bay, Machbee, Charity Monk, Hexify Technologies, Zonst, AIYGON  got incubated in the same. Notable achievement is that out of the 10 incubated startups Alygon and Edith Industries where only Women Startups, which really reflects the women empowerment through entrepreneurship initiatives of our campus.  

Various acceleration programs and startup funding mechanisms where been done by the TBI for scaling up the incubated startups to next level. As a part of the same the institution have decided to provide a Seed Funding support upto 5 Lakhs to all potential startups for their initial product development .

Strategy & Support

Adi Shankara Business Incubation Centre right now provide marketing support to our Incubated startups in the following area

•    Digital/ Print Media Branding & Promotions

•    Product Launch Coverage

•    Startup Exhibition

•    Corporate /Product Promo Video Production

•    PR Activities including advertisements for products/startup story

•    Digital Marketing Consultation/ Agency Charges, DM Tools & Analytics Platform subscription

•    Access or Subscription to Digital Marketing Tools -Email/Social Media Content Marketing/Insights & Analytics/ SEO

Action plan to meet business support services by Adi Shankara TBI

•   The centre will have a clear-cut focus on the transition of taking up an idea to commercially viable product.

•   During the huddle of each face of these transition centre will be focused on enhancing the business support and services for its associates.

•   The incubation facility offered by the centre will be on 3 stages like:

  • •  Pre Incubation (3 to 6 months)
  • •  Incubation Stage (6 to 12 months)
  • •  Acceleration stage (1 to 2 years)

•   Planning to provide a helping hand from the ideation stage of a commercially viable idea will be the initial step.

•   Part by part funding policy will be set as scale up grant, R&D grant and marketing and support grant

•   To make your startup journey simple we are planning to  partner with the best of some relevant solution providers like amazon, Google Cloud, Hub Spot for startups, to get easy access to big savings on tools and services that help kick to start their business