Hackathon 2K23

Date: 04-03-2023
Hackathon 2K23

Sri Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS, Secretary to Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India inaugurated Adi Shankara Hackathon 2K23 at ASIET, Kalady. The event, slated to be one of the most heavily prized tech-fests of South India, is meant to arouse the tech-skills and tease out the best innovative minds among our young students (both secondary and tertiary levels), faculty members, researchers and experts from various industries.

Hackathon 2K23 is aimed at cultivating the 21st century skills needed for the new generation and provides a platform to showcase their skills and actualize their ideas. The challenge remains dynamic for a year and has prizes worth 1.5 million, evenly distributed between the events of the Hackathon segmentized into: Codathon, Gameathon, Techathon, Bizthon, Mechathon, and Civiathon. As per the design, these events culminate with the Young Scientists Award 2023-24.

In his address delivered at the inauguration, Sri Alkesh Kumar Sharma, described the efforts of Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering as a corollary drive that matches the nation’s great advances in the sphere of science and technology. The Secretary quoted the recently released statistics which highlights India as the second largest exporter of mobile phones. The phenomenal economic growth of India is evidenced by the emergence of almost 80,000 start-ups, usage of mobile phones by 114 crores people, and the rapid rise (to the tune of 46%) in digital transactions that obliterates the use of paper currency.

Ms Sunitha Verma, Group Coordinator, Ministry of Electronics, Sri. Reghu, C-MET, Sri K. Anand, Managing Trustee of Adi Shankara Trust, Prof. C. P. Jaisankar, Adi Shankara Group’s COO, Prof. K. T. Subramaniam, Principal of ASIET, and Dr. Jacob George, Senior Associate Director participated in the interaction that followed the inauguration.