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Abstract:Video steganography is the most widely used form of steganography. Steganography is an art of hiding the secret information inside digitally covered information. The hidden message can be text, image, speech or video and accordingly the cover can be chosen from either an image or a video. Here we perform steganography on videos and hide message in encrypted form, by this security is increased by two times. The message which is used here is shares which are produced by using region incrementing visual cryptography. The mostly used technique for hiding information in steganography is LSB (Least Significant Bit) steganography. But instead of simple LSB technique, here we will use Lazy Lifting Wavelet transform and then apply LSB in the subbands of the video that has been obtained. The proposed approach will utilize the video as well as audio component to hide message, in video component we will hide the encrypted message and in audio we hide the length, up
to which the message is hide in video, using LSB technique.So here we can improve the security of region incrementing visual cryptography by using this technique.