Design and development of cloud enabled wireless health monitoring System (Ref: 146/SPS 61/2017/KSCSTE)

Funding Agency: Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)
Scheme: Student Project Scheme
Fund Sanctioned: 9, 000 INR
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ragesh G K
Innovations/ Technologies generated:

• In the Literature, few attempts have been made to integrate Cloud infrastructure with wireless communication systems to improve pervasive healthcare services, the existing work has had limited success in developing a clinically effective system; therefore, the full potential of this integrated technology remains unutilized. 

• In this project, prototype of a Cloud enabled wireless body area network was built using unobtrusive, commercially available bio sensors that have minimum size, reduced computational complexity, (to resolve system implementation and everyday use issues).

• Also this project provides on- demand medical assistance during emergency situations by incorporating an ambulatory service. None of the existing works on E-health has carried out any experimental evaluation during emergency environments.