Design and Development of Cryptographic Mechanisms for Secure Cloud

• Fund Requested: 17, 38,900 INR
• Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
• Status: Accepted for Further Evaluation updated 8th February, 2018.

Project Summary
    With the increase of hardware and software capabilities, information is often stored in centralized servers which facilitate ubiquitous data access and sharing. Cloud computing  promises to deliver virtually infinite storage and Computational resources over the Internet, with a high degree of resource elasticity. This technology has already attracted lots of enterprises and individual users to outsource their information technology services, applications and data into the cloud data centers thus reducing the management cost. In Cloud Computing cloud users and cloud service providers are almost certain to be from different trust domains. A secure user-enforced data access control mechanism must be provided before cloud users have the liberty to outsource sensitive data to the cloud for storage. In Cloud Computing, cloud servers are very powerful but cloud users could be resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones. To reduce the computation load for cloud users, various computation delegation techniques are combined with attribute based encryption (ABE) techniques and securely offload computation-intensive tasks to powerful cloud servers. The access to user defined data must be strictly restricted to authorized users; otherwise, the user privacy could be abused. In Cloud storage, data may be leaked when server is compromised. Therefore, data encryption and cryptographically enforced access control is
needed to protect the privacy of user data. In this cryptographically enforced access control approach the access control policy is bound to the data since the data is locked with a user key. Every data consumer can get this locked data, but the data can be unlocked and accessed by the right users who have the right key. This kind of a cryptographically enforced approach is very much
suitable for Cloud environments where the data is stored in a distributed manner where, even if all
the servers get corrupted, the stored data will not get leaked. Existing encryption/decryption schemes involve high computation and communication costs, which are not practical for resource, constrained mobile/handheld devices. Thus, the main objective will be to design Cryptographic protocols that are efficient and lightweight solutions. So the aim of this project is to make cloud data secure and accessible only to authorized user. To address security issues related to access control, secure computation on Cloud data and user delegation, cryptographically enforced data security and privacy schemes will be used.