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Indian Patent Application Number


1 IoT Enabled Urban Environmental Monitoring With Wireless Sensor Network

Dr. N Hariharan, Dr.Ragesh G K, Dr. Bipin P R and Er. Ajay Kumar


        ECE     201941053048 Filed and published 27.12.2019

Secure Method for Protecting the Sensitive Information of the Mobile Users

Dr. Ragesh G K


        ECE     202041003464  Filed and published 07.02.2020

Design of a Single Smart Handheld Device for Controlling and Diagnosis of Asthma

Er. Arya Paul, Dr. Ragesh G K, Prof. Anuroop K B and Prof. Ajay Kumar, Er. Divya V Chandran, Er. Remya Ramesh, Er. Albins Paul,Er. Archana Aniyan.


        ECE      202041017320  Filed and published 05.06.2020
4 Design and Development of IoT Assisted Plant Health monitoring

Er. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Ragesh G K, Dr. N. Hariharan, Er. Albins Paul, Ms. Krishna Balachandran, Ms.K Sri Vaishnavi,Ms. Karthika Vijayan, Ms. Likhitha K S


        ECE      202041017340 Filed and published 05.06.2020
5 A Multipurpose Prototyping Machine

Dr. Ragesh G K, Er. Anuroop K B, Mr. Sreehari Soman, Ms. Aishwarya Lakshmi T, Mr. Sanal T,  Ms. Ramsi Fathima, Ms. Sreelakshmi  Anilkumar


       ECE       202041017342  05.06.2020
6 DOILY- Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine- Feminine Hygiene

Er. Divya V Chandran, Er. Arya Paul, Er. Remya Ramesh, Dr. Ragesh G K,Er. Anuroop K B, Ms. Gayathri G Shenoy,Ms. AswanyThilakan, Mr. Don Davis


       ECE        202041020495 Filed and published 29.05.2020
7 LIFE SAVVY : Wearable Flu Sense Device

Dr. Ragesh G K, Prof. Anuroop K B, Er. GokulKrishnan S


       ECE        202041027105 Filed and published 03.07.2020
8 BOJA: The Automatic Wall Painting Robot

Er. Aswathy N, Er. Anjaly Gopinath, Er. Anjana S, Er. Anju George, Er.Neetha K, Er. Savitha Raghavan, Er. Neema M


       ECE        202041029593 Filed and published 31.07.2020

Active house toilet gas safety exhaust system


Dr. P. Jeno Paul        EEE         201941027564    Filed
10 Modular axe  nox 


Dr.P. Jeno Paul, Ms. Tinu Thomas, Ms. Saikrishna

       EEE         201941026737     Filed

 Dr. P.Jenopaul

        EEE           201941031149       Filed
12 Callow Aiding Mendable Led Bulb

K Gokul Krishnan, Nandana Anand, Allwin Varghese, Afeena K A


       EEE 201941049858     Filed
13 Traffic clearing Signal using GPS for active tracking during imminent emergency

Aswin Babu, Cyril Varghese, Agin Joseph, Ajay Gopal, N B Vishnu, Gladson


       EEE 202041007487    Filed
14 Active filter for toilet gas exhaust unit

Dr. P Jeno Paul


      EEE 201941027564   Filed
15 Automatic Prevention Against Distraction of Two Wheeler Driving by HEA

Dr. Manish T I


      CSE 201811044259 Filed and published
16 Drainage Poison Gas Detection And Alertness

Dr. Manish T I


       CSE 201911054656 Filed and published
17 Aquaponics system using IoT and web based interface

Aswathy Asokan, Rinku K. J, Sonia Urumese, Ramesh R, Divya G, Anaswara Jayan, Joseph George, Dr. Manish T I, Unnikrishnan K N, Teena George, Raghi R Menon, Gripsy Paul


       CSE 202041033498 Filed
18 Hyperledger based smart vehicle accident detection Arun Paul Varghese, Niya Thomas, Chithra Varadan Ramesh R, Dr. Vince Paul, Rose Mary Varghese, R Rajaram, Neetha K Nataraj, Jain Stoble, Sreeresmi T S, Remya Vinaykumar, Sumesh M S        CSE 202041033666 Filed