Sl No       Title of patent Inventor Patent No Status
1 Auto Tapper Eldose K K 201941031114 Published
2 VEG DOC Dr. Arya Devi P S, Divya V Chandran, Dr. Bobby Mathews C, Remya Ramesh, Preethesh K,Narayanan Seshan, Nikhil Krishnan 202241060615 Published
3 User-Device Interfacing Technology with EEG and 3D eye tracking Er. Divya  V Chandran, Mr. Ajay Antony, Ms. Anila A Shenoy, Mr. Joel K S 202041033062 Published
4 Anti Mosquito bite suite for travellers

Dr. P Jeno Paul

201941031149 Applied
5 Callow Aiding Mendable Led Bulb K Gokul Krishnan, Nandana Anand, Allwin Varghese, Afeena K A 201941049858 Application in amended examination
6 Traffic clearing Signal using GPS for active tracking during imminent emergency Aswin Babu, Cyril Varghese, Agin Joseph, Ajay Gopal, N B Vishnu, Gladson
202041007487 Under Examination
7 Active filter for toilet gas exhaust unit Dr. P Jeno Paul 201941027564 Filed
8 Adversarial Training for Large Scale Healthcare Data Using Machine Learning System Dr. Tony George 2020102667 Granted
9 Terminal Voltage Rating Identification System for AC Transformers/Motor Dr.Jeno Paul, Anna Baby  202041046466 Applied
10 Modular axe Dr. P Jeno Paul 201941026737 Published
11 Micro Active ventilation with oral feedback limited face mask Dr. P Jeno Paul 202041045382 Applied
12 System and method for indoor clothes dryer using direct transportation of solar light Dr. P Jeno Paul 2021101539 Granted
13 Areca leaf shredding machine Dr. P Jeno Paul 202141007807 Published
14 An Artificial Intelligence Based Voice Conding Glucose Monitoring and Determining System Dr. P Jeno Paul 202121019989 Published
15 A Renewable Energy Based Electrical Power Producing Method Dr. P Jeno Paul 202141026297 Published
16 An Automatic and Efficient Vehicle Wheel Rim Cleaning Machine Dr. P Jeno Paul 202141026266 Published
17 An E-vehicles Charging by Wi-Fi Pad by Using Iot and System Dr. P Jeno Paul 2021102648 Granted
18 A Nutmeg Decorticator with Sorter Graded Based on Machine Learning Dr. subramaniyan, Dr. Tony George, Dr. P Jeno Paul 2021103691 Granted
19 Machine Learning Based Energy Efficient Smart City Managment Dr. P Jeno Paul 2021103555 Granted
20 A Portable Apparatus for Breating Assistance to Monitor the Patient Suffer from Respiratory Diseases Sijo George, Dr. P Jeno Paul 202141028644 Published
21 IOT BASED smart dust bin Dr. P Jeno Paul 2021103608 Granted
22 An Intelligent, Secure and Smart Embedded Ventilator System Dr. Tony George; et all 202141026265 Published
23 Performance monitoring device for a real time manufacturing machine Dr. P Jeno Paul et 202111030293 Published
24 Automobile tire pressure monitoring device to enhance safety and reduce emissions Dr. P Jeno Paul et 202141032038 Published
25 Utility Based Web Content Mining Approaches Dr. P Jeno Paul et 2021105407 Granted
26 A Structural Support Angle Bracket Dr. P Jeno Paul et 348265-001 Design Accepted and Published

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