Student Welfare Committee

The objectives of the Student Welfare Committee at our institution are multifaceted, aimed at enhancing student welfare and support. Our primary goal is to ensure equitable distribution of the student welfare fund, catering specifically to financially disadvantaged and meritorious students, those excelling in academics, sports, games, and arts, as well as those affected by unforeseen circumstances. We strive to recognize and support academic excellence through initiatives like reimbursing NPTEL exam fees for top-performing students and facilitating publication of research in prestigious journals. Additionally, we prioritize student health by maintaining comprehensive health records and providing financial aid during medical emergencies. Regular semester review meetings further enable us to address student welfare concerns effectively, ensuring a conducive learning environment.   

To ensure effective implementation of our welfare policies, the Welfare Cell comprises dedicated faculty representatives from every department. Each member plays a crucial role in decision-making and overseeing the allocation of funds to support various welfare initiatives.

Members of Student Welfare Committe

1 Ms. Akhila K, EEE Convener
2 Ms. Divya K S, CSE  Member
3 Ms. Asha Rose Thomas, CSE - AI & DS Member
4 Ms. Reshma Laxmanan, ECE Member
5 Mr. Sreedeep Krishnan, RA Member
6 Mr. Jithesh S R, ME Member
7 Ms. Veena S Kumar, CE Member
8 Ms. Nimmy Vijayan, EBE Member
9 Ms. Manju M Mathew, MBA Member
10 Dr. Vincy Devi, MCA Member

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