The B.Tech programme in Electronics and Communication engineering provides a strong foundation in the theoretical, practical, and design aspects of electronic circuits, electronic devices, signal processing, and communication. All the theory courses are delivered in coordination with strong practical aspects which are balanced by a proper mix of recent industry trends. The syllabus is enriched with high-quality teaching of theoretical concepts and experimental verification of the learned concepts.

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an extremely diverse field of science covering microelectronics, control systems, electromagnetism, signal processing, fibre optics, medical engineering etc. The branch tracks down its applications in broadcast communications (TV, radio, cell communication, optical communication and much more), industry (control systems and power electronics), military, transport, entertainment and bioengineering. Graduates in ECE have numerous fortitudes both in the public and private sectors. Both sectors offer internships to the students so that, freshers are industry ready as they graduate. Excellent openings can be found in numerous industries like telecom and IT organizations, mobile and web technology services, consumer electronics, service industry, IoT and Robotics, automation, transportation and so on.

Scheme & Syllabus

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